Pearland, Texas, 09 October 2016 – In order to promote safer use of Ecstasy/MDMA and Cocaine What is Molly? is selling MDMA Test kits.

Illicit drug use in the United States is on the rise and statistics show that approximately 7,800 people every day, mostly teenagers, try drugs for the first time and the most prevalent drug user are those aged between 18-20 years of age. (Source: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/nationwide-trends)

MDMA is a psychotropic and stimulant substance which can be known by names such as E, X, XTC, Ecstasy or Molly, to name a few. It alters perceptions, mood and can decrease anxiety and promote a sense of euphoria.

First time and uneducated users of these substances are at risk of taking substances which have been laced or cut with potentially harmful materials which can cause serious medical issues and even death.

As such What is Molly? have expanded their endeavours to educate the community by selling MDMA testing kits to assist those who choose to use a way to check the purity of the product they intend to use prior to taking it and minimise their risk of harm.

MDMA testing kits available now from http://whatismolly.com contain enough testing strips and Marquis Re-agent to perform up to 200 tests, making them excellent value for money. At only $17.99 + shipping it is small price to pay for peace of mind. And as a bonus What is Molly? throw in some glow-sticks and wristbands.


ABOUT What is Molly?

What is Molly? is a company which promotes education around safer use of MDMA.

What is Molly? recognises that use of substances such as MDMA and Cocaine will likely always exist whether it is legalised or not. As such we are committed to providing a community service which offers education and reliable inexpensive testing kits to ensure that those that use these substances minimise their risk of ingesting unexpected and potentially dangerous substances.

What is Molly? sells testing kits for Cocaine, MDMA and LSD.

For more information, contact: contact@whatismolly.com or visit http://whatismolly.com

Drug test packs pick up fame as celebration overdoses take off


Sylvia Choi was overdosed on pills at the Stereosonic festival in Sydney a year ago. After one week, Stefan Woodward died the same way. However, youngsters won’t quit jeopardizing their lives regardless of the quantity of center health confirmation for ecstasy and MDMA use in Australia.

On the planet today, Australia has the world’s biggest ecstasy and MDMA client per capital, furthermore the most noteworthy crisis affirmation for the medication.

Sylvia could have survived if she had a molly test kit. She died from a high consumption of MDMA. She may at present be with us most likely if she had the MDMA in little quantity.

Will Drug Testing Solve the Problem?

Not just will a few people take something they know little or nothing about, yet some may likewise be unfavorable to susceptible the medication or substance in the medicine and may not know.

In any case, senior director, Mick Palmer who was an Australian Federal Police official previously say that they are in the backing of pill testing to decrease the risk for the youngsters that chooses to pick ecstasy.

Mr. Palmer expressed that he has no issue at all with it by any stretch of the imagination, and cases that it bodes well in attempting to test the nature of the medications that the general population is taking. A lot of specialists additionally concur on the way that the administration’s “war on drugs” has not been working in this way.

David Caldicott who is a doctor and lecturer disclosed that the idiom “don’t take drugs” is okay for the elementary school kids Furthermore those individuals that are not using it presently. He included that for this group of people, they’ve effectively settled on the decision of taking drugs, and we, hence, should be significantly more vigilant in our way to deal with illegal drugs than we right now are.

Specialists likewise say that sniffer dogs and solid police nearness at celebrations are viable measures at halting the issue.

Ms. Meldrum-Hanna expressed that she hosted saw young ladies moving at get-togethers and writhing on the ground heaving, with their eyes moving back in their heads, and their companions being much excessively terrified, making it impossible to take them for restorative care since they fear an encounter with the law requirement.

Nicholas Cowdery (Former NSW open indictments chief claims that the flow method of seeking youngsters as they take part in occasions may be bringing about significantly more mischief than good.

He expressed further that there can be some unsafe impacts, for example, somebody gulping whatever they have on sighting a sniffer dog, and there have been instances of that recorded which can prompt extreme physical damage.

The arrests made for individual ownership of drugs have quadrupled in the course of recent years, while same can’t be said for the supply. Ms. Meldrum-Hanna expressed that the governments are concentrating on “low-hanging organic product” while our borders are permeable with regards to ecstasy smuggling.

A few companies like Whatismolly.com offer tests for cocaine, ketamine, heroin and opium, MDMA that are foreign from Amsterdam yet guarantees that he doesn’t support the utilization of the drugs.

He expressed that you take a 20mg specimen of your drug (which is the extent of a match head) then place it in a test tube, shake it and afterward measure its shadow against the graph, and then you will only dispose of the machine.

The tests are either sold in multipacks ($21 – $80) or singles ($8 – $13) online furthermore in tobacconists around the nation. It uncovered the quality of the substance and alternate products that the “unadulterated” drug has.


Hard Drug Testing Won’t Happen Under My Watch

The NSW Police Minister, Minister Troy Grant has said that medication trial was not going to happen as long as he is a clergyman in NSW.

He said the pill testing administration would just uncover what’s contained in the drug, yet it can’t tell whether it will get you murdered or not. He encourages expressed that you are requesting an administration that will profit to bolster a street pharmacist’s business undertaking.

Despite the fact that around seven ecstasy death were recorded in the last one and a quarter year, the clients are presently mindful of the medications that they take. Mr. Bourke uncovered that there had been an “enormous increment” in deals over the previous years.

He said in regards to a year earlier, 15-20 packs were being sold in a week, however, a few evenings back, 35 orders must be dealt with, and currently they are out of a load of such a variety of unit’s right at this point.

He said there is no indication of Australia presenting drug testing offices.

He expressed that would you be able to envision individuals appearing at celebrations with their drugs in their grasp furthermore testing them joyfully outside the entryways? He expressed further that they’ll simply need to do it before getting to the celebration, and he can’t see that incident in the nation at this moment.